Every project has its own story

Lukáš Vasilek

chief choirmaster of the Prague Philharmonic Choir

„Cooperation with Lukáš is very pleasant, mainly thanks to communication that is direct, factual and flexible. Lukáš is open to discussion of any problem - he can argue well, as well as listen to arguments and then need to be respected. Its most distinctive specifics are intelligence, taste, speed, ideas, reliability and fairness. The result is great!“

Kayak Beach Bar

Multifunctional floating bar with playground

„I can't praise the cooperation with Lukáš. If I have any problems, he is always on the phone and is able to advise me immediately. If it is a more difficult operation, he will arrange everything quickly. All the edits on the web will always explain to me so that I can do it myself next time. Maximum satisfaction with Lukáš.“

Sabina Borecká

Change for life

Online Holistic Medicine Course

Lukáš was at the birth of the Zmena pro život website. He gave shape to the whole project, i.e. he devised the structure of the website, the promotion strategy and advised me on how to create the content of the website. I feel that when Lukáš is working on something, he wants the project to succeed and together with the client, he pursues this goal with joy and ease.

I really appreciated that he proceeded systematically, I understood everything, I knew what steps awaited us, he checked and evaluated everything carefully and informed me about everything, he is decisive and knows how to deal with any situation. Meeting deadlines is standard for Lukáš. It gave wind to my project and refreshed my mind. Lukáš is a person who is a pleasure to work with."

Michaela Alali Beitlová

At the first meeting, we tune in together with a proven questionnaire

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