I am for a personal meeting in Czechia or online from anywhere



Email is my favorite tool because it helps me get the job done. I check it once a day.

+420 776 615 969

I use my mobile when something is on fire or for scheduled communication. But if you prefer it, don't be afraid to call.

Introductory meeting and pragmatic questionnaire

At the first meeting we will get to know each other through a proven questionnaire. You can have it sent to you by email, but there is no need to prepare anything in advance, we will illuminate everything and discuss it in person.

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What is my capacity for new projects?

I am currently accepting contracts starting in September.

How the cooperation takes place?

  1. First we meet best in a personal meeting, where I ask everything important. Including your mission, situation, expectations, goals, customers, competition and so on.
  2. According to our introductory meeting, I will compile a simple assignment, where the range of services, price and dates will be clearly stated.
  3. I will incorporate market research, online strategy and website content model.
  4. We will meet again to go through the whole plan and proposal and fine-tune the details.
  5. Then it will be up to you or a hired specialist to prepare content materials such as texts and photos according to the site model.
  6. I will technically implement the website and set up everything what is needed. Eventually, I will find and arrange cooperation with selected specialists.
  7. Finally, I evaluate the real result using user testing and data analytics. The evaluation will also include a proposal for changes and recommendations for further action.
  8. In the long run, we can continue to gradually evaluate and improve marketing. I can also help with flat rate service.

How much will it all cost?

My current hourly rate is 1 000 CZK. The minimum time for the standard range of the Holistic Web is 48 hours, so the total prices range from 48 thousand CZK. Then it depends on whether you will invest in an advertising campaign or hire a content creation specialist, for example.

On the other hand, it is possible to create only a simple web presentation, where we will focus mainly on content and technical implementation with a scope of work from 12 hours, i.e. from 12 thousand. CZK.

Anyway, after the first meeting, I will put together a project assignment, where I will calculate the scope and price depending on your budget. According to the assignment, you will then be able to decide whether we will go into it together.

How long will the website be in the world?

The actual work on a smaller project will take me one month, to which we add the time of content creation and possibly other follow-up work. And it comes out to us about two months from the beginning until the publication. Of course, for larger projects, it can be significantly more.